Blood Port

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Blood Port
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites  ?
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Unknown
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Blood Raider exploration complex. A moderately-skilled battlecruiser can solo easily.

Initial site

Warping to the signature triggers a pop-up:

Defense Commander: We have incoming! All ships, engage the hostiles and buy the transports time to escape. We need that ore out of here!

Transport Captain: We're in the middle of loading operations. There's no chance in hell we can take off any time soon!

The site is neither deadspace or gated. Rats spawn around a mining asteroid.

First Wave:

  • 2x Tower Sentry Bloodraider IIs
  • 2x Blood Heavy Missile Batteries
  • 3x Corpum Arch Reaver cruisers
  • 3x Corpior Converter frigates

Reenforcements arrive to bolster the defences. Their arrival comes too late for their comrades, however.

Second Wave:

  • 4x Corpior Bishop battlecruisers
  • 3-4x Corpior Cleric frigates

More ships warp in as the engagement escalates!

Third Wave:

  • 3x Corpior Seer battlecruisers
  • 4x Corpum Arch Sage cruisers

Further reenforcements arrive at the scene.

Fourth Wave:

  • 2x Corpus Archon battleships
  • 2x Corpior Friar destroyers.

Fifth Wave (rare): The commander in charge of the facility finally shows up. The cause for his late arrival is, however, unknown.

  • 1x Dark Blood Archon battleship

May lead to an escalation going to the 6/10 Blood Raider Supply Depot.

Trip Reports

7/5/09 Alternate 3rd and 4th wave is 2 Corpus Archon BS and support followed by 4 Corpus Prophet BS and support

9/2/2009: 1 BS & 1 destr in forth wave results in no Dark Blood battelship.

9/23/2009: I shot the Immobile Bestower (structure) and did not get any waves after the first.

9/27/09: 4th wave was 1 Corpus Prophet and 2 Corpus Friars, got the DB Archon but only dropped tags and ammo, fuck goons

11/4/09: 4th wave was 1 Corpus Prophet and 2 Corpus Friars, got the DB Oracle he dropped DB Magnetic Plating, tags and ammo, fuck goons

11/25/09 1 BS & 1 destr in wave 4, confirming no DB BS. Easily soloed in a sac

1/12/10 2 BS & 1 Destroyer, no DB BS.