Blood Military Complex

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Blood Military Complex
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corpus A-Type
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Higher end Blood Raider escalation complex.


Initial site

You land on a gated entrance after warping to the site.

First room

You land right on the acceleration gate into next room; 6 BS, 6 cruisers and a stasis tower about 20km from warpin. Blow it all up, then find and blow up the "Blood Control Unit" structure (under the pile of other structures) to spawn next wave and unlock the gate. Said wave has another 4 BS and 4 higher end cruisers that aggro randomly.

When you've blown them up activate the gate to go to the second and final room.

First Wave

  • 6 Battleships - Corpus Pope - 1,218,750 Bounty - 50km Orbit
  • 3 Battlecruisers - Corpatis Seer - 135,000 Bounty - 22km Orbit
  • 1 Battlecruiser - Corpatis Exorcist - 153,750 Bounty - 22km Orbit
  • 1 Blood Stasis Tower - Webs

Second Wave

-Message> As the Blood Control Unit is attacked it sends out a distress signal!

-Message> As the Blood Control Unit is destroyed the nearby acceleration gate's lock mechanism fails. The gate is now open.

-The buildings in this room otherwise appear to be worthless.

  • 4 Battleships - Corpus Pope - 1,218,750 Bounty - 50km Orbit
  • 4 Cruisers - Elder Corpum Arch Sage - 247,500 Bounty - 13km Orbit

Second room

To open the gate, blow up the Blood Control Unit.

10 BS, about 10 frigates (may tracking disrupt (they scramble too... haha)) and 4 cruise missile batteries about 30km from warpin. Also a huge structure called "Blood Control Center". Blow everything up (except the structure!), then shoot the control center to spawn next wave of 8 BS, two highend cruisers (may tracking disrupt and/or neut) and a few frigates. Just 0wn everything and then shoot the control center into about 40% structure, which will spawn next wave. It consists of a Blood Ritual Overseer (not an actual overseer, just a renamed normal BS) and about 10 frigates, some scrambling and webbing. Blowing up the overseer spawns a further 3 BS and 4-5 frigates, it also gives a chance for a faction BS spawn. Killing the overseer is the trigger for a escalation chance.

Note: If you've never run this site before, don't underestimate the DPS of the second room. I went in with an abbadon and a remote rep raven and found that 2 large remote reps, 1 large armor repairer, and 5 medium armor rep drones weren't enough to keep my abbadon tanked. I got lucky and was able to kill the scramming frigates, warp out, and warp back in, but a pulse abbadon and a logistics or a plated abbadon and a quad rep domi would probably be fine for this.

Trip report 9/09/09. Deadend, NO DB BS, fuck goons

Trip report 17/10/09. Deadend, No DB bs, fuck nol

Trip report 4/12/09: Killed the structure before bothering with the overseer. There was no final wave and no escalation :ccp:

Trip report 12/5/09: Killed tower, got escalation. No DB in Second Room though.

Trip report 12/08/09: Got DB Monsignor spawn, blew up tower, didn't get escalation. fuck solo fuck darius johnson free billy merc

Trip report 29/12/09: Got DB Monsignor spawn (Heat sink, EANM, ANP, Disruptor :toot:) Escalated after killing Overseer

Trip report 29/12/09: Got DB Monsignor spawn (Magnetic Plating, Tag) No escalation

First Wave

  • 4 Blood Cruise Missile Batteries
  • 4 Battleships - Corpus Patriarch - 1,162,500 Bounty - 17km Orbit
  • 3 Battleships - Corpus Pope - 1,218,750 Bounty - 49km Orbit
  • 3 Battleships - Corpus Cardinal - 993,750 Bounty - 49km Orbit
  • 7 Destroyers - Corpior Devoter - 13,500 - 16km Orbit
  • 1 Destroyer - Corpior Friar - 14,625 - 8.1km Orbit
  • 3 Frigates - Elder Corpii Worshiper - 19,125 Bounty - 3.8km Orbit

First escalation: Frontier in Flames (Part 1)

You warp in to land on a gate, guarded by a Dark Blood BS along with a few other BS's, frigs, and cruiser/bc's.

The gate leads to a room with a single Elder Blood frig. Killing the frig may trigger a further escalation. (EDIT: I got the escalation on killing the Dark Blood BS)

Second escalation: Frontier in Flames (Part 2)

Site is not gated but is deadspace, meaning no MWD's, and warping to anything inside the site at any distance lands you at the warpin point at zero. Nope, MWDs definitely allowed.

  • Initial spawn consists of a Dark Blood BS along with a few other bs's, frigs, and cruiser/bc's that are about 130km+ away.
  • A second group spawns a few seconds later on the right side of the first spawn. It's roughly identical minus the faction spawn
  • A third group spawns after the second spawn, inbetween the first two spawns for a total of about 12 bs's.
  • Once all the spawns are killed a 4th group will spawn containing around 5 bs's and 3-4 hacs.
  • There are also two stasis towers in this area about 140km from the warp in that are quite annoying. These towers have grid-wide range and slow you down to around 10 m/s if you are in a battleship.

you can warp to one of the mission structures behind the web batteries to get into range, blow up the web batteries then you're free

Chance of a further escalation upon killing the Blood Outpost Station (structure).

Trip report 9/09/09. Escalated after killing DB BS.

Trip report 9/15/09. Escalation ended after killing the DB BS. Fuck goons.

Third escalation: Frontier in Flames (Part 3)

You warp in to land on a gate guarded by:

  • Dark Blood BS
  • 5-8 Corpus Popes
  • around 8 smaller ships including Elder blood frigates

The gate to the second room is unjammed. Activating the gate lands you in an empty room, save for a guidance beacon 80km from warp in. Approach it to about 20km to get a chance at a further escalation.

Trip report 9/09/09. Escalated after killing DB BS.

Trip report 12/08/09: had a DB pope but managed to dead end here. How does that even happen? :ccp:

Final escalation: Frontier in Flames (Part 4)

  • Message > A peaceful station, where transport ships get refitted and refuelled. Almost too peaceful...

Site is not gated. You may want to drop a carrier on it.

First and second wave appear in about 5 minute intervals within 50km of the warpin beacon and consist of 6-8 BS (Patriarchs or Popes) plus up to 4-8 assorted support ships (hacs, inties, BC's). Third wave is about 100km off, has 5-7 BS and an overseer called Captain Blood Raven. Captain Blood Raven cannot be kited as he hits just fine from 140-150km's and deals around 1700 dps before resists. His default orbit is around 49km but he moves as fast as all the other bs. He armor tanks about 1k-1.2k dps because he has very high resists.

Captain Blood Raven has a 25m bounty and drops Dark Blood loot and possibly battleship sized A-type loot.

Note: Agressing the Trucker station is what causes the Space Trucker BS and Frigs to spawn. They seem to be angel BSs and between them, the corpus ships and the overseer it made the site untankable for a BS + priest.

Trip report 12/04/09. Captain Blood Raven drop Dark Blood Energy Neutralizer, Dark Blood Nosferaty, Dark Blood Magnetic Plating, Dark Blood Cap Recharger and Corpus A-type Explosive Hardener.

Trip report 15/06/09. Captain Blood Raven drop Corpus A-Type Large Armor Repairer, Dark Blood Web, Dark Blood Warp Disruptor, Dark Blood EANM, Dark Blood Reflective Plating, Dark Blood Scram.

Trip report 19/06/09. Captain Blood Raven drop Dark Blood Heavy Neut, Dark Blood Kinetic Plating, Dark Blood EANM, no corpus type. __Spawns came in 3 minute timed intervals, not 5.

Trip report 30/06/09. Captain Blood Raven drop Corpus A-Type EM Hardener, Dark Blood Heavy Neut, Dark Blood Warp Scramler, Dark Blood Energized Reflective Membrane, Dark Blood Armor EM Hardener, Dark Blood Reactive Plating and salvaged into 6 logic circuits

Trip report 19/07/09. Captain Blood Raven dropped DB Magnetic Plating, DB Energized thermic membrande, DB heavy cap booster, DB Power diagnostic system and DB stasis web. Site also spawned an additional wave of 10 Space Trucker Defender frigs that all webbed and 10 Space Trucker Battleships that orbit at 4500m. This may have been due to dropping a pair of carriers on it

Trip report 17/08/09. Captain Blood Raven dropped Corpus A-Type Kinetic Hardener, Corpus A-Type Nos, Dark Blood EANM, Dark Blood Large Cap Booster, Dark Blood PDS and Dark Blood diamond tag

Trip report 09/10/09. Captain Blood Raven dropped Corpus A-Type Large Armor Rep, Dark Blood EM harder, ANP and Heavy Neut. Plus assorted tags and named crap.

Trip report 24/9/09 Captain Blood Raven dropped Corpus A-Type Kinetic Hardener, Corpus A-Type Explosive Hardener, Dark Blood Cap Recharger, Dark Blood Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane and a bunch of metal scraps.

Trip report 4/10/09 Captain Blood Raven dropped Blood Ultraviolet L. That's it. And assorted named (non faction named) mods.

Trip report 11/2/09 Captain Blood Raven dropped Corpus A-Type Explosive Hardener, Corpus A-Type Kinetic Hardener, Dark Blood Adaptive Nano Plating, Dark Blood Armor Explosive Hardener, Dark Blood Heavy Capacitor Booster. <3 delve.

Trip report 29/12/09 Captain Blood Raven dropped Corpus A-Type Kinetic Hardener, DB Web