Blood Haven

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Blood Haven
Type Exploration Complex
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Dark Blood
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Blood Raider exploration complex. It is supposedly one of the better Cosmic Anomolies to run in Delve, due to the chance of a Dark Blood spawn or escalation. This site name represents several different types of encounters

Stargate Type

Warping to the signature triggers a popup:

I have detected a stargate nearby. Its design indicates that it belongs to someone of ill repute, such as smugglers or pirates.

The site is neither deadspace or gated. Rats spawn around a large unusable warp gate.

A large group of pirate ships have arrived through the gate. From the looks of it, they don't appear to be too friendly.

First Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Cardinal Battleships
  • 4x Corpatis Bishop Battlecruisers

More ships have arrived through the gate

Second Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Monsignor Battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpii Diviner Frigates

Third Wave:

  • 4x Corpus Monsignor Battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpii Worshiper Frigates (Web/Scram)

Fourth Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Monsignor Battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpii Collector Frigates (tracking disrupt)

Fifth Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Monsignor Battleships
  • 3x Elder Corpum Sage Cruisers (neuting)


  • 4x Corpus Cardinal Battleships
  • 3x Elder Corpum Revenant (Tracking Disruption, Neuting?)

Sixth Wave:

  • 1x Corpior Cleric Frigate
  • 4x Corpum Dark priest Cruisers
  • 1x Corpus Patriarch Battleship
  • 3x Corpus Monsignor Battleships

Sixth Wave with Dark Blood:

Trip Reports

7/23 Trip Report, Fifth Wave was 1x Dark Blood Harbinger, 4x Monsignor, 1x Pope, 4x Arch Sage, and 2x Devoter

7/23 Trip report, Fifth Wave did not produce a Dark Blood BS

Sept 26 Trip report. No dark bloods. Fuckers.

9/26 Trip report. No DB spawn. Eat my anus.

10/16 Trip report. Dark Blood Archbishop, but still fuck Moon Kitten.

10/27 Trip report, no db, fuck goons.

11/03 Trip report, no Dark Blood spawn, Elder Blood Sage rapes cap.

11/18 Trip report, no Dark Blood spawn, Fuck CCP.

11/24 Trip Report, no DB, killed stargate (has lots of struct) and got 10 units of crash and 50 scrap metal

12/04/09 Trip Report, no DB.

12/11/09 Trip Report, no DB.

12/17/09 Trip Report, Fifth Wave: 4x Corpus Cardinal Battleships, 3x Elder Corpum Revenant (Tracking Disruption, Neuting?). Sixth wave: 2 Cleric Frigates, 3 Darkpriest Cruisers, 3 Corpus Cardinal Battleships, 2 Corpus Patriarch Battleships. No Faction spawn fuck ccp fuck goons

12/17/09 Trip Report: Second run today, with three guys. While I didn't catch the waves, we did get a Dark Blood Harbinger.

12/29/09 Trip Report: First run today, fuck tracking disruptors, no dark blood spawn. Fuck CCP. Ran in a Zealot, had to run away a lot.

Don't do this in a Zealot because if one of the little webbing frigates gets within 10k you are immediately fucked because you can not track them for some reason. This game is retarded.

12/30/09 Trip Report: Ran this three times in one day. No DB Spawns. Fuck goons.

Dust Cloud

Warping to this signature results in no pop-up.

The site is neither deadspace or gated. Rats spawn around two sentry towers in a large dust cloud.

Destroying all the cruisers in each wave spawns the next. Leave them for last.

This site seems to be variable in terms of numbers of ships on the initial spawn.

First Wave:

  • 2x Factory Guard Sentry towers 70k
  • 7x Corpus Cardinal battleships 993.75k
  • 3x Elder Corpum Shadow Sage cruisers 270k
  • 3x Corpior Devoter frigates 13.5k

Second Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Monsignor battleships 881,250k
  • 3x Corpatis Exorcist battlecruisers 153,750isk
  • 3x Elder Corpum Dark Priest cruisers 281,250k
  • 3x Elder Corpii Raider frigates 24,750isk

Third Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Cardinal battleships
  • 3x Corpatis Phantom battlecruisers 146,250
  • 3x Elder Corpii Upholder frigates 21,375 << webbing

Fourth Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Cardinal battleships
  • 1x Corpatis Phantom battlecruiser
  • 2x Corpior Friar frigates
  • 2x Elder Corpii Herald frigates

Fifth Wave:

  • 4x Corpus Monsignor battleships
  • 3x Corpum Shadow Sage cruisers
  • 3x Elder Corpii Seeker destroyers << tracking disrupting
  • 2x Corpior Cleric frigates

Sixth Wave:

  • 4x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 3x Elder Corpii Follower frigates <- Scramblers

Trip report 7/7/09: Many more webbing / Scramming frigates encountered (Elder Corpii Herald) as well as a few more battleships per spawn.

Trip report 10/13/09: No faction spawn. Chemical Factory dropped trade goods. Fuck goons.

Trip report 10/16/09: Ran this with Pulse Harbi and priest Exequror. Not too hard to run, just make a warpin on a rock near the battleships when each wave appears, warp out and back in ontop of them. No DB, fuck goons. Lots of salvage and bounty, though.

Trip report 14 Dec 09: Write up above is accurate, no DB, blew up chemical factory hoping for fun and profit - received only wine and metal scraps. Seriously, fuck ccp, fuck blood raiders, fuck goons.

Trip report 16/12/09: Dark Blood Harbinger spawned, droped Bhaalgorn BPC and DB ANP.

Trip report 12/16/09: Dark Blood Apostle spawn, dropped DB LAR, DB kinetic plating, named stuff. Netted about 30 mill in bounties

Trip report 12/30/09: Ran this twice in one day. The waves vary significantly from the report in both quantity and rat type. No DB Spawns.  :ccp: