Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost

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Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 2
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Gist C-Type
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Lower end Angel escalation plex. Initial site is probably soloable (but hard) in a well tanked PvE battleship, for the second site you want a priest buddy. On warping to the initial gate a message pops up like with the DED complexes.


Initial site

First room

Initial spawn:

  • 1x Stasis Battery
  • 4x Cruise Battery
  • 4x Frig (2x elite)
  • 2x Cruiser

After blowing most of this up, a second wave spawns:

  • 2x Gist Malakim
  • 1x Gist Throne
  • 2x Elite Cruiser
  • 1x Scrambling Frig

After killing most of that, a third wave:

  • 3x Gist Malakim
  • 1x Gist Throne

Second room

Initial spawn:

  • 2x Cruise Missile Battery
  • 1x Point Defense Battery
  • 1x Stasis Battery
  • 4x Cruiser
  • 2x Frig

Blow most of that up to spawn:

  • 3x Gist Malakim
  • 1x Gist Throne
  • 3x Frig

And after that a final spawn:

  • 6x Gist Malakim

Third room

Initial spawn:

  • 6x assorted battleships
  • 1x Enery Neut Tower
  • other support

Second wave:

  • 3x Warlord
  • 1x Saint
  • 1x Cherubim
  • Assorted frigs and cruisers

After blowing everything up, the site usually escalates (this explorer has never seen this site not escalate, please update if you experience otherwise).

Escalation: Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost (part 2)

Gated deadspace just like the first site.

First room

  • 6x Cruise Missile Battery
  • 2x Stasis towers
  • Handful of Frigs and Cruisers
  • 2x Gist Warlord
  • 2x Gist Saint
  • 1x Gist Nephilim
  • 1x Gist Cherubim

After blowing that up, second wave:

  • 3x Arch Gistii Impaler (scrambling frigs)
  • 3x Gistum Centurion (battlecruisers)
  • 2x Gist Cherubim

Second room

Much like the previous room, until the third wave, which spawns the overseer. He is named Hashi Keptzh and is a 2.5m bounty BS. Drops 13th tier overseer effect and has a chance to drop faction or Gist C-Type mods.

Other notes

frank frank: A quick word on good old Hashi Keptzh. Hashi pushes 1.2-2k/s with his afterburner on and will attempt to close to torp range. Kiting at 90k I was fine until he got within 20k, then he began shitting out torpedoes at a rate which can only be described as "obscene". I don't even want to estimate the DPS, but in a BS V raven with maxed support skills and full shields, I went down in about 20 seconds with my booster running. I wouldn't attempt this guy without a priest.

Centrada 06/29/08: I passive tanked Hashi in a nighthawk with 4 hardeners and a DC II. He was only alive for a couple moments but he does do decent dps. When the third wave spawns it'll be a bunch of cherubims and cruisers with Hashi. Just target him first and take him down and you won't have any problems. Dropped 13th tier overseers and a Gist C type MWD.