Angel Military Complex

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Angel Military Complex
Type Escalation
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Gist A-Type
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High-end Angel escalation site. First four sites are doable with a Raven plus a priest, last one may be done with that as well if you kite it, otherwise a carrier is advisable.


Initial site

First room

You warp in to land on top of a gate, in between two groups of missile batteries, sentry guns and stasis towers, around 10 on each side, around 70km from you. In addition there are two battleships (renamed Gist Cherubims).

Blowing up the stasis tower on the right side (of where you warp into) is the trigger for the next spawn which is about 8 battleships (Cherubims) and 8 battlecruisers, including a gate guardian that will unlock the next gate once killed.

Warning: the incoming wave will aggro randomly, be ready to warp your priests out. Or even better, warp them out and back to the entrance gate before the tank blows the stasis tower up.

  • Message > The destruction of the Stasis Tower has caused an alarm to go off, calling on more Gist ships!

Second room

The gate lands you among about six BS and smaller ships. Note: be careful with the two stasis towers. They will unleash a smartbomb (unknown range) that does about 1700-2000 damage each. Get all small/soft ships out beforehand, pods and drones are OK.

Once you clear the last room, shoot the control tower to send a distress call that triggers an overseer spawn consisting of 5 frigs (scrambling), 3 HACs and the Overseer BS. (No deadspace effects though).

  • Message > The attack on the Control Tower has forced the Overseer and his closest allies to come out of hiding. Prepare for battle!

Additionally, a Domination BS may (or may not) spawn together with the overseer.

The complex may then (or then not) escalate to another site after you kill all the rats.

First escalation: Pioneers Peril (Part 1)

You warp in to land on a gate, guarded by a Domination BS along with a few other BS's, frigs, and cruiser/bc's.

The gate leads to a room with a single Arch Angel frig. Killing the frig may trigger a further escalation.

Second escalation: Pioneers Peril (Part 2)

Site is not gated but is deadspace, meaning no MWD's, and warping to anything inside the site at any distance lands you at the warpin point at zero.

  • Initial spawn consists of a Domination BS along with a few other bs's, frigs, and cruiser/bc's that are about 130km+ away.
  • A second non-faction group spawns a few seconds later on the right side of the first spawn.
  • A third non-faction group spawns after the second spawn, inbetween the first two spawns for a total of about 12 bs's.
  • Once all the spawns are killed a 4th group will spawn containing 5 bs's.
  • There are also two stasis towers in this area about 140km from the warp in that are quite annoying.

Chance of a further escalation upon killing the Angel Outpost Station (structure).

Site is doable with a well tanked Raven supported by a priest ship if you know what you're doing. Fitting a sensor booster on the Raven might be a good idea since it lets you blow up the stasis towers without having to slowboat in range while webbed to 10m/s.

Another solution: after killing everything except the extremely annoying faroff stasis towers, launch a single drone, then warp everyone out. The stasis towers will aggro on the drone, you warp back in and are free to afterburn into range and make short work of them.

This site doesn't seem to give a dead-end message when no escalation is given.

Third escalation: Pioneers Peril (Part 3)

You warp in to land on a gate guarded by:

  • Domination Cherubim
  • 4x Gist Cherubim
  • 4x Cruisers / BCs

Activating the gate lands you in an empty room, save for a guidance beacon 80km from warp in. Pop it to get a chance at a further escalation.

Final escalation: Pioneers Peril (Part 4)

  • Message > A peaceful station, where transport ships get refitted and refuelled. Almost too peaceful...

Site is not gated and not deadspace. You may want to drop a carrier on it.

You warp in next to a bigass large collidable structure called the "space truckers pit stop" or something like that, and surrounded by a lot of other structures. Do NOT shoot or smartbomb any of these structures! If you do, 10 "space trucker guardian" battleships (based on Angel Commanders) and a bunch of scrambling frigates will spawn.

Instead, wait a minute and you'll get a message "Angel raiders have arrived" in local. This spawns 7 Angel Seraphims and some other assorted junk. Taking down a few of them (or maybe just waiting a few minutes) spawns another similar wave but with some Cherubims instead, and after a while a third wave of Seraphims/Cherubims plus the overseer (Jorun 'Red Legs' Greaves) spawns with three scrambling frigates. The overseer does a ton of DPS and killing him doesn't spawn anything extra so go for him first (he has a pretty nasty tank). He has a chance to drop A-Type loot; one run in early April 2008 yielded Gist A-Type 100MN AB, A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier and an 1-run Machariel BPC. Another run yielded a (near-worthless) Gist A-Type Explosion Dampening Field.

After finishing the site I counted 17 Angel BS wrecks plus the overseer, as well as a similar number of small and medium wrecks.

We did this site with two Ravens and two priest Dominixes with 4 S95a shield transporters each and it was pretty nervous for a while after we accidentally triggered the space trucker guardian wave. I wouldn't do this with less than two priests since every wave but the first aggros randomly. Also, keep an eye on your drones since there's a lot of shit that likes shooting them.

This site can also be completed with two dual sensor boosted cruise Ravens and lots of kiting. Eject from ship and make multiple warpin bookmarks at around 180km in your pod and then proceed to kill the scrambling frigates and then the Overseer first.

EDIT: Run on 12/27/08 yielded no tag, some archangel large ammo, and 5 worst named items. And no salvage. Fuck exploration.