Angel Fortress

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Angel Fortress
Type Escalation
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature 0.15 approx
Loot type Gist A-Type
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Escalation site of medium difficulty. Possibly soloable in a very well tanked Raven but prepare to have to warp out a lot. Better to do it with a tank and a priest.


Initial site

First room

Beyond the initial gate you will find roughly 8 Gist Saints, multiple cruisers and battlecruisers, and numerous frigates. The spawn appears to consist of two groups that take aggro separately. Both this and the second room instantly aggro one of the two spawn groups upon warpin.

Second room

The second room has about the same number and kinds of rats (also in two aggro groups), plus two stasis towers (55km from warp-in point), some heavy missile batteries, and an unarmed Angel Battlestation structure. Both rooms are doable with a single well-tanked BS supported by a single remote-rep priest ship. (I did it by dualboxing a Dominix and Oneiros).

Warning: shooting the stasis towers aggros the entire room.

                   **** have your tank shoot the stasis towers ASAP.***

Damaging the Angel Battlestation into armor (rats seem to spawn randomly on damage to the battlestation, don't count on them not appearing until armor damage) causes 4 additional battleships plus some web/scram frigates to spawn, and also possibly a Domination BS. Note that to see the Battlestation on your overview you'll need Large Collidable Structures turned on. Large Collidable Objects won't do it.

The complex can escalate upon destroying the Angel Battlestation.

Other notes

  • I never saw Gist Saints, instead there is a mix of Thrones and Malakims. Killing the battlestation gives a chance of escalation but after running the site 5 times I have yet to see a faction spawn in the last wave. (It does happen, though but only very rarely, it seems.)
  • Confirmed 4-2-08: 1st room: 12BS (6 gist malakim, 6 gist throne), 6 Frigs (6 arch gisti hijacker web/scram?), 11 Cruisers (2 arch gistum centur, 3 gistatis legionnaire, 4 gistatus primus, 2 gistum marauder scram?)
  • 7-23-08: Got a domination warlord on the second room. It dropped a domination invulnerability field and salvaged for 1 impetus console.
  • 8-25-08: Domination warlord appeared after destroying the final wave in the second room, dropped a tag and that was it. Fuck goons.
  • 9-3-08: Got a Domination Warlord after destroying the final wave. It also dropped only a tag.
  • 9-28-08: First room had 12 Gist Malakims and an assortment of BC's and elite frigs. Second room had 6 Gist Saints and 3 Gist Malakims. Did get a Domination War General Spawn. Dropped faction ammo and a tag. No escalation.
  • 10-4-08 Domination Malakim dropped tags/ammo, salvaged for 6 power circuits (about 21 mil). Domination Nephilim in the 3rd room dropped a Domination magnetic Scattering Amplifier (worthless).
  • 10-10-08: No domination spawn in the last wave.
  • 10-13-08: Dominatin Saint dropped some t1 named loot.
  • 12-14-08: No domination spawn at all. 4 Gist Seraphim + 4 target painting frigates spawned when station took armor damage.
  • 1-12-09: Got a Domi spawn, dropped a Domi X-LSB and Domi Scrambler, salvaged into a single crystal alloy beam thingy. Did NOT escalate.
  • 1-15-09: Got a Domi War General, dropped named T1 junk and no salvage, but it did escalate.
  • 1-24-09: No domination spawn at all. 4 Gist Seraphim + 4 frigates spawned when station took armor damage.
  • 1-27-09: Got a Domi, dropped Tags and Ammo. :ccp:
  • 1-27-09: Domi War General, Dropped tags and ammo. :ccp: (yes, found it twice in one day.)

First escalation: Operation Spring Cleaning (Part 1)

You warp in to land on an acceleration gate. Spawn surrounds the initial warp-in point: 1x Domination Saint, 2x Gist Malakims, 4x Gist Saints, 2x Gistatis Tribunus, 4x Arch Gistii Outlaw(web/scramble). No rats in the second room. Approach the Gallente Station Ruins for a chance at an escalation.

Trip report 09/09/08: After approaching the ruins to within 0m nothing happened. Sat there for a few minutes, then started approaching the shuttle wreck. About a second after I hit the approach to the shuttle the site escalated.

Trip report 10/15/08: No Domination spawn.

  • 1-15-09: no Domi spawn on warp in point. 5x Nephs, 3x Thrones and some other small crap I let my drones kill.
  • 1-24-09: Domination Nephilim, 2x Malakim, 4x Nephilim on gate.
  • 1-27-09: No Domi spawn on warp in.

  • This currently appears to be the end of it. I feel that the Plex is bugged to shit currently. Between my plex buddy and I we have seven runs on this in Jan 09 and it dead ends here EVERY TIME. Let me clear that up. Everyone gets a pop-up except for one person. The pop-up says that XXXXX got the message of where the next phase is. That person has NOTHING in the journal. If this happens to you, petition CCP, maybe they will eventually fix it (probably when they fix the Domi drop tables.)

Second escalation: Operation Spring Cleaning (Part 2)

Site is not gated. Spawn surrounds the initial warp-in point: 1x Domination Nephilim, 4x Gist Warlord, 4x Arch Gistum Liquidator, 3x Gistatis Tribunus, 7x Angel frigates, 2x Angel destroyers. Two separate aggro groups, although the second one aggroed my drones without provocation. There is a chance of an escalation once all rats are destroyed.

Third escalation: Operation Spring Cleaning (Part 3)

Site is not gated. Spawn surrounds the initial warp-in point: 1x Domination Throne, 4x Gist Nephilim, 3x Gist War General, 3x Gistum Centurion, 4x Arch Gistii Rogue. Two aggro groups, with the second one triggered by distance. Also on initial warp-in there are a couple of Angel frigate rats about 180km away, which disappear after a short time, leaving the message "The convoy has escaped...". There is a chance of an escalation once all rats are destroyed.

Final escalation: Operation Spring Cleaning (Part 4)

Site is gated deadspace. No rats at the initial warp-in.

First room

3x Arch Gistum Centurion, 3x Gistatis Tribunus, 4x Arch Gistii Impaler, 4x Gistii Impaler.

Second room

1x Gist Domination Murderer (overseer BS), 3x Gist Cherubim, 4x Arch Gistum Centurion, 5x Angel Frigate Transport (Impaler class), and about 10x arch frigates. Pop the overseer to get a dead end message and a possible Gist A-Type drop.

Loot examples

  • On a run in late April 2008 this site dropped a Gist A-Type 100MN Afterburner and two Gist A-Type shield hardeners. YMMV.
  • 5/9/07 Gist Domination Murderer dropped Gist A-Type Heat Shield Hardener.
  • 6/25/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped a Gist A-Type 100MN MWD and a Gist A-Type Large Shield Booster, and salvaged for 6x Metal Scraps
  • 8/16/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped Gist A-Type Explosive and Heat Active Hardners.
  • 8/24/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped Gist A-Type 100MN MWD and AB
  • 9/9/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped Gist A-Type 100MN MWD and Gist A-Type Heat Dissipation Field. Salvaged for 13 Interface Circuits.
  • 9/22/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped Gist A-Type X-Large Shield Booster, Gist A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier, and Gist A-Type Photon Scattering Field. Salvaged for 16 Micro circuits.
  • 9/28/08 Gist Domination Murderer dropped nothing.