Angel Cartel Prisoner Retention

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Angel Cartel Prisoner Retention
Type DED complex (8/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature 0.06 approx
Loot type Gist B-Type, overseer effects, Machariel BPC
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The site is a DED complex rated 8/10, hence it is gated deadspace and will give you a popup when you warp to it and when you enter each of the four rooms. This site seems to be broken with regards to loot, and there's been a lot of discussion as to whether it actually drops loot. It does, just pretty rarely.


First room

Spawn Gist warlord, Watch Officer (3m), Malakim, 8 frigates/destroyers. Nothing of value drops.

Second room

8 BS, 8 cruisers/BC, 8 frigates/destroyers. There are two spawn containers marked "munitions storage", they drop t1 nonfaction ammo. Don't bother. The overseer (Jailor) drops 16th Tier Overseers Effects (29m isk).

Third room

8 BS, including the overseer named Prisonwatch Commander (doesn't drop anything special), 8 cruisers/BC, 8 frigates/destroyers. There is an overseer's structure named "Scramble wave generator" near the gate to next room. Blow it up, it drops 17th tier overseer effects (35m isk).

Final room

About 16 frigates/destroyers, some scramble and web (pack a smartbomb or two). At least 8 BS and a heap of cruisers/battlecruisers, plus 4 sentry guns, 2 web towers and a station (Angel Retention Facility) that fires explosive citadel torpedoes and webs you.

The spawn containers near the station don't drop anything useful, the good loot is obtained from blowing up the station. It drops 18th tier overseer effects (43m isk) and has a chance to drop Gist B-Type loot.

Other notes

The above-mentioned station has an obscene shield recharge rate, a ton of structure HP and reps armor at an insane rate as long as it can hit you with its torpedoes. The smartest way to deal with it is simply to move all ships "behind" the tank (as seen from the station) and then let the tank slowboat out of torpedo range. You only need to move a few km away from the warpin point for this to happen. Do note that you can't use drones against the station or keep any ship closer to the station than the tank is, because if you do that it will immediately aggro on the drones or the closer ship and start repping again. Also note that the thing has normal unhardened shield and armor resists, so if you can, do EM damage (since you'll get through the armor pretty quick and only have to deal with the shields and the structure). Another tactic that worked great with two ravens is to stagger your launcher activations (kind of like staggering mining lasers for cap reasons). Activate the first launcher, wait a second, activate the second and so on. Of course, it's also possible to just use brute force, sit on top of the station and break its tank with more DPS.

DO NOT SHOOT THE STATION OR THE SENTRY TOWERS BEFORE YOU CLEAR OUT EVERYTHING ELSE. The station does not appear to auto-agress on your tank even if you shoot everything else, so use that time to get your priest to safety, then your tank.

Note: The range on the retention facility is around 39km. Once you get within that range it will rep armor and shoot citadel torps at you.

Trip report 01/29/09: The retention facility auto-aggroed my tank as soon as it warped in. The 39km range is accurate though.

Ship suggestions

The site can be done in a well tanked cruise Raven supported by a single dedicated priest ship, but it'll take ages to take down the final station if the priest can't do any DPS, even if you get out of rep range since you still have to beat the shield recharge. Best two-ship combo would probably be either tank Raven plus priest Armageddon with 4 large shield transporters and 4 megapulse II's (you'll be right at scorch optimal), or tank Raven plus priest Raven with 4 large shield transporters and 4 cruise launchers.

Note: Another decent combo is dps/tank Raven + Priest Domi w/ sentries, which (with decent skills) will outdamage the Raven/Raven combo while allowing for a greater dps buffer on the tank.