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Site Types:

Cosmic Anomalies: These are the sites that give a 100% strength warpin-in on your first scan. Usually not worth running.

Cosmic Signatures: These are the sites that actually take time and skill to probe down. The best sites are harder to scan down than the crappier sites. There are five categories of Signatures that you can find in wormspace. The first, Wormholes, does not spawn sleepers. The four other site types ALWAYS spawn sleepers. The sleepers may not spawn upon warpin; sometimes you have to trigger them. (Ex: start mining in a gas or gravimetric site)

    1.  Unknown-  These are wormholes
    2.  Ladar- These are gas mining sites
    3.  Radar- These are hacking sites
    4.  Gravimetric- These are asteroid fields
    5.  Magnetometric- These are archaeology sites.

Radar and Mag sites will, within their name, denote their difficulty level. The three difficulty levels from weakest to strongest are Frontier < Perimeter < Core.

Typically Mag and Radar sites are the most lucrative, although the high-end ladars can be profitable as well, depending on current gas prices. If you want to be a stupid pubbie and mine asteroids in w-space, go right ahead.

A list of Sleeper complexes (found in wormhole space), in this case sorted by the listed danger level of the system in which they reside.