Gravimetric Sites

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Signature Type: Gravimetric

  • Gravimetrics sites contain 20-40 asteroids of high end ores. Grav site mining is considered safer than normal belt mining because ships in exploration sites are harder to scan down than in the normal asteroid belts. Sadly, the low quantity of ore in most sites and the difficulty in finding them makes gravimetric sites pretty much worthless
  • Hidden belts come in small, medium and large varieties. The size of the belts will be included in the name of the gravimetric site on your map when you find it. For example, 'Exploration - Medium - Arknor,Bistot' is an actual name for a gravimetric site as it appears on your map after probing it down. Medium sites seem to contain 2 or 3 refine units at most. (I'd assume low would produce 1 or 2 refine units and high 3 to 4.)
  • Gravimetric belts 'may' be guarded by exploration variety rats. A BS and some cruisers seems to be the norm for a medium site in 0.0, a small had no rats. As you mine, normal belt rats may also spawn.
  • There are conflicting reports on when hidden belts will despawn. There have been reports of belts despawning in both the following circumstances.
    • killing the rats protecting the belt and warping away
    • after the last asteroid is mined out

Needless to say, if you don't want your belt to despawn immediately, leave the rats alone.

  • Other unconfirmed observations
    • If you do not kill the exploration rats, the site will not despawn and will stay around after downtime and beyond.
    • A despawned belt re-appearing in the same exact spot after a downtime. (Perhaps because it was unmined?)

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